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Luxury Portraits catered directly to the clients wishes. This isn't your every day image... this is fine art!


Unique portrait experience to make you stronger - 

more confident.


Intuitive style portrait sessions to tell the story of your authentic self.

At AmberLee Contemporary Portraits, we believe that every human deserves to feel empowered ! 

We use a multi-layered approach to help you move through any mindset and body image issues you may have, helping you see your inner and outer beauty.


I'm AmberLee

Let's make Magic !

I 'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl... and absolutely in-love with a great pair of flip-flops!


Coffee and food are my major love language- but also quality time and acts of service... no wonder I became a photographer, right?

I struggled for most of my life with finding my authentic self, what felt "real" and now I take all those lessons from personal and generational trauma to help my clients shake off societies directive of what we "should" be.

Whether we are doing Branding, Family, or Boudoir portraits, my goal is to Empower !


Love Notes

"I was incredibly nervous and shy, but was quickly warmed up by Amber and her ability to bring my nerves back down. She made me laugh, we talked about everyday things and I was made to feel extremely comfortable"

"I can't say this enough how much this woman has changed the way I see myself. She is so amazingly talented. she is magical. Love yourself."

"Amber is the perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness to help someone feel at ease in taking these types of photos. She is a true artist who knows how to work a camera, angles and lighting to make true art."

Amber is amazing. Her passion for empowering women and showing them their beauty from the inside out is unmatched!

Couture Photography


Contemporary portrait session designed to tell your unique story. These sessions are 1 of a kind and produce wall art that is an impact piece for wherever it is displayed.  

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Branding Photography


Intuitive photography that helps find the Authentic and Intentional version of you and your business. 

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Empowerment Photography


Modern twist on traditional boudoir imagery. We utilize techniques learned via Life Coaching trainings to help each client "Love the skin they are in"! 

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