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Fun Facts about AmberLee...

- proud mom of 6 humans, 1 dog, 2 cats
  - Proud GiGi (that's grandma) to 1 human, 5 dogs, 1 fish
- homeschooling mom
- been in photography for over 2 decades
- former nurse
- enjoys hikes and photographing in nature
- my sense of humor is as dark as my coffee
- married to a chef
- hates eggs and avocados
- has the travel bug
- blossoming amateur genealogist
   - direct descendant of royalty in 5 countries
- big heart and a short fuse
- obsessed with Emily Dickinson
- fan of historical dramas, especially ones about my ancestors
- frequently torn between business audiobooks and a badass music playlist
- avid self-care advocate

- processing drama frequently results in home improvement projects
- finder and keeper of lost dogs

- I hate writing about myself, sooooo my very best friend Tracy did this list for me


Memberships & Features

Here is a brief listing of current and past Memberships as well as some features from throughout the years.

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