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Branding Photography

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Branding Photography is something that every business needs... yet most small businesses utilize their iPhone and a something is better than nothing mentality when it comes to building a visual brand. 

Intuitive Branding Programs:

Full day session
1/2 day session

Monthly Subscription  

Head Shots

We do things differently at AmberLee contemporary portraits. we listen to your story, help you develop a visual representation of your business, and most importantly give you kick ass images. 

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"OK so like what am I gonna use this picture for?? Everything! I cannot believe how beautiful this is. I look like a fairytale, I'm going over things like this picture has to have the perfect post so, actually what I'll do is I'll just post it with nothing because it's fabulous by itself and then I'll come up with like some writing go with it because if I wait until I have writing that goes with it, I will never get it posted and it's too beautiful to not share"

~Transcribed message from Voxer coaching

— Name, Title


When you’re trying to look like it’s not 100° outside and act like you still like your photographer because you don’t like her…

…you love her and how good she makes you look!

~ Sean Spencer

Full Day Session

Our Full Day Branding Session is just like the name implies... A full day (6-8 hours) of creative session time with you, our hair and make-up artist, and an assistant capturing behind the scenes (BTS) footage. But, the day of shooting is just the middle step of the process. 

All Branding clients go through a 4-week intuitive planning process with AmberLee. This includes a series of meetings and some homework for you to complete as well.

Together we build a team that can not only see your brand in all is awesomeness, but can also implement that vision flawlessly. 

A Full Day session will typically provide you with 2-3 years worth of static branding content to use on your website, social media, AND includes fresh Head Shots. 

Investment for the Full Day Branding session begins at $575 and the average total investment is $10,000
We offer pre-packaged collections at a discounted rate, if they are purchased prior to your session. 


half Day Session

Our Half Day Branding session is a condensed version of our Full day package. It includes 4-6 hours of creative session time. 

These sessions are often described as Branding Refresh sessions. Half-day sessions follow the same 4-week intuitive planning process, but are typically for the entrepreneur that is launching a new program or product or just wants to freshen up their personal brand appearance. 

Half-day session will typically produce 6 months - 1 year of social media content, plus updated static website visuals. This session does NOT include Head Shots, but we can add them on if that is needed. 

Investment for the Half Day Session is $3500 and includes a digital collection containing 200 images. 
We offer add-on packages that include additional images
Head-Shot add on is discounted to $250 and must be scheduled prior to session day.


Monthly Branding Program

The #LiveOutLoud Membership Program is a unique opportunity for small business owners to always have new and fresh content.

For 2023 we have 3 membership types available - Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly 

This program does require a 1 year commitment, billed out monthly or receive a 10% discount if paid in full. 


Head Shots

No two Head Shots are alike, and it would be silly of us to treat them that way!

We offer our clients a variety of "sets" to choose from during the connection call and also offer professional Hair and Make-up, and wardrobe consultation. 

Updating or obtaining your first ever head shot should not be just another stressful thing you are having complete. 

Investment is $350 and includes 3 images. 
We offer add-on packages that include additional images in either digital or print format. 

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