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Saint Louis - Sunrise - 30 stories up!

Day 2

St. Louis Arrived at Shane's house late … midnight(ish)… It was great to get a big ol’ hug from one of my best friends through out the past year. We laughed and joked for hours when we finally crashed out. "M" and I got up at 4:20am to head downtown for a rooftop sunrise shoot at Gentry Landing.

We were right next to the ArchSt. Louis gave me life. I created such amazing art. And Luke's mama was right there with me. I typically am terrified of heights - BUT - being 30 stories in the air, I have NEVER felt so grounded. The sun came up, Lorie got naked, and together we created amazing art!

No Cofee!! I had NO COFFEE!!! But all was fine. I was in my zone. When we finished and loaded all the gear back into the car it was time to head to Indy… On The Road Again…!!!

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