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Free at last, free at last, Detroit, MI


** Fuller grab your shit, You are out of here **


Actually walked out the front door of the Wayne County Jail, Detroit, MI

Walking through downtown Detroit, no cell phone, no map... Need a hotel - need a shower - NEED clean underwear - need a cell phone. Ok Irish, how are you going to manage all these things before dark?

1st ... Fall in love with the skyline

2nd daydream of hearing Pirates of Pinzance

3rd fall in love with the eclectic nature of the cities architechture

4th ... Wish I had wings to fly home

5th fountain... Oh shit, I NEED a shower!

Wurlitzer Building had an amazing hotel in it... The Siren ... It must be a sign, so that is where I will sleep tonight!

Wakanda Forever! Finding this hidden gem renewed my faith in my self. Its ok to decide yourself sometimes, but what is most important is letting the world know just how powerful you really are!

The staff at The Siren was amazing, helping me navigate a modern world with ZERO technology. They arranged for uber to take me to 8 mile and get a prepaid cell phone... And also gave me a room with an amazing view!

Despite all the bad press, Detroit was good to me. The people were amazing, the sights were a photographers dream, and this Irish girl even got the worlds 2nd best corned beef sandwich ever!

As I waited for "M" to arrive from Canada, those every feelings of I'm all alone in a city I don't know crept back in... And then MeMa dropped a penny to let me know - I am NEVER alone!

Once again I knew it was going to be just fine... I was strong... And resourceful... But so ready to be home!

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