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I'm not a peach

Its me... I hate peaches... lol but seriously... I was recently in a Zoom meeting and had someone that I have only met in person once say something to me that kinda stunned me at first.

I was in a tank top, because I have been working fro my garage since quarantine and it was warm. So 2 of my 3 tattoos were visible. This women decided to make a comment about them, and that comment has stuck with me over the past few weeks, but what has stuck with me more was my response to it. Here is how it went down...

Her: Oh so your one of those types of people? Me: Huh? what kind of people? Her: a tattoo person Me: Oh yeah, I have 3 and they all means something important to me Her: I think tattoos are offensive and very unprofessional. Me: :laughing: my tattoos are offensive? Her: YES! Me: oh how very sad for you. Her: how do you figure? Me: because honey, you choose my tattoos as the hill in which to find offense. I can 100% assure you, that there are FAR more offensive things about me. BUT you chose to pick such a superficial thing about me. I actually feel sorry for you in this moment... because you are only allowing yourself to know someone based on nothing but their skin! Here is where the surprise to me comes in... The old me, would have focused on the fact that she didn't like me. That I had somehow done something wrong in her opinion, and I would have beat myself up over and over again trying to be what she wanted to see, instead of being true to ME. It has taken me a very long time to be true to me, and to show up everyday being authentic. I will be the first to tell a new "friend" I am a lot to take in... Predictably unpredictable. I am intense! I spent too much of my life fractured and aimlessly trying to put all the pieces of me into this really nice square puzzle which made me even more of a shit show.

and if I am being honest... Its freaking exhausting! So I decided in Puerto Rico last year that I would just be me and if people didn't like it... Fuck 'em.

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