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#LiveOutLoudBranding - Suzann

Personal Branding session with Suzann Wade of Wade Innovations, Company Culture Coach and Innovation Trainer.

Suzann and I met a few years ago at a networking event and I will be 100% honest when I say I had no idea what this woman did - AND - even though we had been friends for a few years... I still wasn't exactly sure what it was that she did... BUT I was so drawn to her energy - seriously ya'll it is infectous and addicting!

Once we started designing her #LiveOutLoudBranding I finally understood what the heck it was that Suzann does for her clients - Shifting perspective and opening up new ways to process challenges that allows creative flow, increased communication, and so much more!

Suzann often talks about being a Brain Cancer survivor and how she literally has a hole in her brain. That experience gives her a unique outlook on life and work practices, because when you have an actual hole in your brain - you have to retrain that brain to think and do differently.

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