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NOLA - part 1

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When I set out on my journey to New Orleans I had no idea of what the outcome would be... I just threw ALL the eggs I could find into the basket and off I went.

NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING went right with this trip. Starting with the fact that it was purchased for me in 2020 as a birthday gift - and we all know HOW that year went... Ok so we will go in 2021, I will do all the things in honor of Charly - But hurricane Ida had other plans. 2022 that's the year! Except... I forgot how to human after the death of my father. New Orleans became this multi-eyed smelly monster sitting in the corner taunting me. Until I finally remembered a piece of me that had been put away a long time ago. I remember the gypsy part of my soul. (Yes, I am genetically Roma Gypsy) I threw caution to the wind and told my husband LET'S GO! There is no better time! I am at the beginning stage of rebranding and not really working consistently. We have the money... and the hotel was booked!

The fact that I actually physically made it to the Big Easy is a damned miracle! Because everything that could go wrong - DID go wrong! There was NOTHING easy about getting there.

- I was not prepared to receive the answers to questions I didn't even know I had -

New Orleans was NOTHING that I had planned for it to be... but it was EVERYTHING I needed.

"If you're open to it, New Orleans will teach you about yourself, but if you want to hide from who you really are, the city will help you do that, too."

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