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What was I thinking?

So I stumbled on something today that literally blew my mind... it was a FB post in the nifty section called memories.

Well I tend to ignore that section for the most part, because well - there has been ALOT of shit happen in my life since the Zuck created the book of faces.

Anywho, I was scrolling through the memories and laughing at some, gushing at some, and then I saw this one...

Now, if you notice the date... that’s February 2016! I had JUST begun my journey and passion in to Boudoir photography and I still had the belief that a woman’s value was related to how she dressed! I am ashamed of myself. But, also so proud of myself. Because today not only am I a full time Boudoir/Empowerment photographer, but I also own Empire Boudoir Magazine (more on that coming soon), AND I am the founder of Boudoir Advocates United!

After my shock and awe of my own stupidity I scrolled a bit more and saw this post... and realized that the seeds of women’s empowerment were there, I just needed to give them some time and let them fully bloom.

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