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Why Boudoir is Important

You may be asking yourself, "Why in the world would I do Boudoir Session?" Or maybe you just flat out say, "I have no reason to ever do a Boudoir Session!"

Well, good news... I am going to tell you the reasons why Boudoir is so important for everyone.

The history of Boudoir photography is a bit muddy, and it takes a good bit of sleuthing to find information that isn't one sided or over sexualized. The word Boudoir originates from the French, it was a women's private room between the bed chamber and dining room, the boudoir is a place for the women to engage in activities that would please her. Now most people would automatically assume that would be a reference to sexual activities, when in reality, it was the room in which she would make ready for the day or a special event. A space in which she could giver herself a pep talk on pushing aside her fears of being on public display. The space in which she chose her make-up, hairstyle, accessories. A place that she could find her inner power.

Enter the world of photography, Boudoir Photography specifically. As far back as the 1920's women have taken portraits of themselves scantily clad to gift to a special someone. These images were to be kept secret and only viewed in a private setting. However, a great thing happened in the last few years. A movement of women empowering each other. Encouraging each other to break the societal views of what and how a woman should behave and/or be viewed. Boudoir Photography became a genre within the photography world that was not meant to be hidden or only done as a gift for a significant other any more.

It was now about the woman shedding her fears, insecurities, and body image issues.The majority of the women (and even men) that I initially speak to about Boudoir are wanting to gift these images to their significant other for Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Wedding gifts, you name it. They all think it is for SOME ONE else.

That is until the preparation for the session begins...

We cultivate an EXPERIENCE for YOU, before/during/after your session. We design your session with your ideas and passions in mind. We help you pick out the clothing you will wear during your session. During your session, there is music playing, we laugh, and crack jokes. And by the end of the day, you walk out thinking you are a Goddess (or GOD) - because YOU ARE!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we take our time in getting to know each and every person that walks through our doors, we know what parts of your body you love - and hate. We know about the kid in the 6th grade that used to pick on you because you had freckles. We know about that one time you were in the coffee house and you heard a song that made you stand just a little taller, with the confidence that you could take on the world. The reason why we strive to "know" you, is because we don't just take pictures of you in lingerie. We capture your essence, your emotion, your growth from insecure to Divine Bad Ass.

Why is Boudoir important? Because we are paving the way for our daughters and sons, we are changing the way they look at the human body, training them to look beyond just skin deep. To look for the empowered soul hidden deep underneath of years of being unkind to oneself. Read what some of our past clients say about their boudoir experience

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