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Personal Branding


Ever dreamt of a brand so compelling it practically narrates itself? Picture this: A journey where every visual speaks volumes, and your brand story becomes a captivating legend.

Welcome to Live Out Loud Branding by AmberLee Contemporary Portraits, where we redefine personal branding into an art form.

At AmberLee Contemporary Portraits & Live Out Loud Branding, we don't just capture images; we compose visual symphonies that resonate with the essence of your brand. Your story is unique, and our lens becomes the maestro bringing it to life. Prepare for an unforgettable visual journey that echoes the luxurious narrative you've always deserved.

Personal brading photograhy
personal branding photography

Luxury isn't just for the elite—it's a birthright. Your personal brand deserves to bask in the opulence of carefully curated visual experiences. Our process is an immersion into a world where every detail is a brushstroke, crafting a masterpiece that reflects your authenticity and grandeur.

luxury branding image

We get it—navigating the world of personal branding can be overwhelming. From uncertainty about where to start to the challenge of creating visuals that truly mirror your essence, the journey can be daunting. Fear not! At AmberLee Contemporary Portraits & Live Out Loud Branding, we're here to dissolve those pain points.

personal branding photography

💫  Strategic Clarity: We guide you through a thoughtful process, uncovering the core of your brand identity to ensure strategic clarity.

💫  Visual Mastery: Our expertise transforms ideas into visuals that not only captivate but elevate your brand to new heights.

💫  Time as an Asset: No more wasted hours on trial and error. We streamline the process, letting you focus on what truly matters.


Step into a realm where your personal brand is not just seen but celebrated—a narrative that whispers luxury and shouts authenticity.

Ready to redefine your brand story? Let's create a masterpiece together.

Love  Notes...

"long before she ever picked up a camera, the background work she did with me helped me hone in on my branding colors and the vibe I wanted to communicate with my logo and style."

luxury branding photography
luxury branding image
luxury branding photography
amber - branding.jpg

a little bit about AmberLee...

AmberLee, luxury portrait and branding photographer, was born in the home of the World's Most Favorite Beach towards the end of Gen-X. 

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