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The 5 Misconceptions of Boudoir Photography

In my Facebook Empowerment group we asked what were the things that were stopping women from booking a session. Of course there was the ever present "Cost" factor that came up repeatedly... but there were also a few others that really got me thinking.

The ultimate mission in Boudoir Photography is to EMPOWER the client... We strive to get you to "love the skin you are in". AmberLee Boudoir was the first Boudoir Studio in Oklahoma to be certified by Confident Curves, a distinction we hold very near and dear to our hearts!

Age is NOTHING but a number... it doesn't matter what your age is... what matters is that you leave your Boudoir Experience feeling EMPOWERED! Check out what some of our previous clients have said in our Love Notes.

The great thing about Boudoir is that it is completely and totally about you being comfortable! So if that means a new piece of to die for lingerie, a big baggy sweater, a pair of jeans and sports bra, or fully nude... We got you! Again, the main point of a Boudoir Experience to be EMPOWERED. Take a look at our portfolio to see the various stages of dress and undress

I mean... you are someone! The Boudoir Experience is for your empowerment, and if you choose to share the art we create with someone else, then that is awesome... but this is for you. Your Boudoir Experience starts long before your portrait session, when we start designing your session and also pick out your wardrobe. The morning of your session, we will have a mimosa, a gourmet snack tray, some tunes, and chit chat time while you are getting your hair professionally done by one of our amazing Hair & Make-Up artists. Once you have finished with your Glam make over... we move into creating art.

Simply put... YOU are the theme! I push myself to capture a side of you that you have not seen in awhile... that wild woman, that woman that feels like she can conquer the world with just a smile, that woman that is buried beneath the day to day mother/wife/girl friend/ daughter duties.

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