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#LiveOutLoudBranding - Jenn

Meet Jenn Robbins, Funnel Stylist, when Jenn approached me about doing her new branding images I was absolutely thrilled because I had not done full on personal branding in YEARS! And this was my way of doing things different from the "industry standard". I had the privilege to have some working knowledge of who Jenn was prior to this session as we had been part of the same women's networking group, interacted online frequently, oh and there was those MAGICAL Maternity images on the top of a mountain! Jenn had previously had her personal branding images done, but felt she had shifted and changed so much from those original images - and I agreed. Personal Branding Images are a metamorphosis of sorts. We change each day... we grow. I recommend that everyone update their personal branding at a minimum every 3 years - 4 years MAX!

When we started designing Jenn's session we knew it was going to be an all day affair. Her business as a Funnel stylist is more complex then some would expect - but she sees the whole thing and breaks it down to where even someone like me, that has a hard time updating my computer operating system knows how they work.

It was important to Jenn that her Personal Branding images reflecting the process of funnels... the strategic planning, embracing the fun in the launch, and obviously the celebration of success.

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